History © Lorem Ipsum Dolor 2010 Mint Brook Meadow Teas, ltd. began as a small agricultural venture in the heartland of the United States committed to an innovated way to commercial grow and package high quality mint teas.  Using ingenuity at both the packaging level and the growing level, Mint Brook is able to offer some of the finest mint teas at very affordable prices.  The majority of our harvesting, grading, and sifting equipment is custom manufactured, to fit our exact need.  Harvesting Spearmint With Our Converted Grain Combine 2003 - Planted first crop of peppermint and spearmint 2004 - Mint Brook Meadow Teas, ltd. is created and sells its first box of tea. 2005 - Mint Brook teas are for sale through distributors in Northeast Ohio 2006 - Mint Brook reaches across state lines to specialty food stores in the Midwest and Southeast 2007 - Mint Brook begins offering private label organic teas to health and specialty stores 2009 - Mint Brook begins packaging all-natural granolas 2011 - Mint Brook opens new packaging facility in Dalton, Ohio 2012 - Mint Brook builds catch basin to insure minimal runoff and help maintain soil fertility in its mint fields 2014 - At last Mint Brook gets a decent sized warehouse! © Mint Brook Meadow Teas, ltd. 2012 Products News Stores Home